Decades Providing Tunnelling and Mining Solutions

The Simem Underground Solutions team was founded in 2017 as a result of 12 years of successful partnership between Simem and Team Mixing Technologies. The acquisition of Team Mixing by Simem allowed for an optimal combination of decades of mining and tunnelling equipment design and manufacturing with an equal depth of experience in the heavy civil market.

The continuity of personnel and assets from Team Mixing ensure that our industry depth and experience continue to support existing projects and the alliance with Simem allows for a broader knowledge and experience base, manufacturing resources and market exposure.


Simem Underground Solutions engineering team is known to thoroughly understand the process and purpose of our projects. This allows us to provide value engineering of robust equipment based on research and field performance to outlast the project and specify components to ensure optimal productivity. Our resulting equipment is a natural extension to our engineering and the reliability and performance is supported by a proactive service organization, spare parts inventories, mechanical and electrical technicians for local and remote support for all our customers.

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Global Team

Simem Underground Solutions is based near Vancouver, Canada and is comprised of specialized and experienced engineers and technicians. Importantly we are part of a global network of Simem offices and subsidiaries, agents and dealers operating on every continent in numerous languages. This enables us to respond efficiently and effectively to customer needs without being tethered by time zones and languages.


We work in various heavy industrial markets with both unique situations requiring custom solutions and straightforward projects utilizing our modular solutions. Simem Underground Solutions brings extensive experience in bulk material storage and handling, mixing technologies, pumping, and civil and structural solutions. Our expertise extends from mobile systems to fixed solutions and includes design, fabrication and installation assistance for tunnelling, mining, and the heavy civil industries.


Our Mission:

To provide engineering and equipment expertise and solutions to meet the rigorous and unique demands of the mining and tunnelling industries.  Our professional goal is to provide the best possible engineered solution for every specific project we encounter.

Simem Underground Solutions aims to be active and competitive in all the major world markets and will leverage the competency of its global workforce, know as “the Simem family of companies” to accomplish a common goal of “Building a Better World.”


  • 1963
    The Furlani family establishes a manufacturing facility in the small town of Minerbe near Verona, Italy. Their solitary aim was to create the highest quality machineries and to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • 1988
    Launch of the first twin shaft mixer MSO series and the first planetary mixer MS 300.
  • 1990
    Team Mixing is created to provide equipment for the mining and underground markets
  • 1994
    First colloidal mixers are manufactured and commissioned
  • 1995
    First cellular grout equipment delivered
  • 1995
    First colloidal mixer used to pre-mix binder slurry in Lamefoot Mine plant
  • 1996
    World’s first 2,000L colloidal mixer commissioned at Polaris mine, the world’s most northern mine
  • 2000
    First dry bulk shotcrete plant installed at Miekle Mine.
  • 2000
    First colloidal mixer used to pre-mix binder slurry for CRF in Newmont’s Deep Post mine
  • 2002
    Team Manufacturing was sold and renamed to Team Mixing Technologies to focus on custom engineering and manufacturing for the mining and tunnelling industries
  • 2004
    First colloidal mixer used to pre-mix binder slurry in 777 Mine Hudbay Minerals paste plant
  • 2004
    First colloidal mixer based bi-component grout plant for the Portland CSO tunnel
  • 2006
    Partnership with Simem SpA formed for the distribution and support of twin shaft mixers for CRF and Pastefill in mining.
  • 2012
    Development and production of high-volume continuous bentonite slurry plant for the SR99 Replacement tunnel in Seattle, WA.
  • 2014
    Development and production of the first fully automated and continuous cellular grout plant for McNally Construction
  • 2017
    Establishment of Simem Underground Solutions.
  • 2019
    Acquisition of Team Mixing Technologies