Tunneling Solutions

Simem Underground Solutions provides design, engineering, and advanced equipment solutions — specifically for the production of hydrated bentonite, bi-component grouts, and various concretes — used in Tunneling projects worldwide.

Simem Underground Solutions provides comprehensive design, engineering services, and advanced equipment solutions for the production of bi-component grouts, hydrated bentonite, and various concretes used in tunneling projects worldwide.

Solutions Designed for Your Biggest Projects

Simem Underground Solutions provides a comprehensive range of equipment solutions for a variety of tunneling projects worldwide. Our engineered equipment solutions:

  • Containerized and Skid Mounted Colloidal Mixing Plants
  • Advanced Control Automation
  • Pumping and Conveyors Systems

A true Colloidal mixer is our primary technology for the production of bi-compnent gouts, cellular concretes, and hydrated bentonite. The unrivaled high-shear mixing velocity generated by our colloidal mill technology decinergrates cement particles rapidly and evenly, providing a high-strength homogenized mix, in short-time and with lower cement consumption.

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