Custom Mining Solutions

Simem Underground Solutions provides advanced equipment for the production of concrete, pastefill, shotcrete, and cemented rockfill product for mining operations worldwide. Our custom mining solutions are designed specifically for your project, timeline, and specifications to ensure a mining operation moves forward without interruption.

CRF Plants

CRF is critical to safe and compliant operation

Cemented rockfill (CRF) plays an important role in the mining process, providing critical backfill support for previously-excavated mine areas. In applications where density and moisture content of CRF are critical to safe and compliant operation, reliable mixing and production machinery can make the difference.

Pastefill Plants

Maximize Safety, Minimize Cost

Pastefill allows mining operations to proceed safely and efficiently as an alternative to hydraulic fill, providing higher strength backfill properties while minimizing the need for water handling.

ShotCrete Plants

Stability Meets Flexibility

Simem Underground Solutions considers all aspects of a project before designing, engineering, and manufacturing the right plant for the job. With a focus on quality, durability, modularity, and installation speed, our Shotcrete plants operate systematically and can be re-purposed with ease.

Shotcrete provides unmatched stability for decline pathways and ground support. Shotcrete helps to more efficiently and safely transport heavy mining machinery underground, while providing safety from any ground fall.

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