Shotcrete for Mining

Ideal for reinforcing both temporary and permanent mining excavations, Shotcrete has proven an immensely useful and necessary tool in the mining industry. Our mixers and batching plants provide precise processing for both wet-mix and dry-mix shotcrete applications.

Bagged Shotcrete

Featuring enhanced shooting characteristics and reliable physical properties, bagged Shotcrete provides an efficient, dried, pre-blended solution for the mining industry. Our suite of mixers and batching plants allow for easy production and distribution for bagged Shotcrete applications.


When utilized above ground, Shotcrete can provide unmatched stability to cliffs, rock walls, vertical rock sections, and other affected areas where stability may be affected.


Utilizing Shotcrete below ground to backfill and stabilize previously excavated areas is critical to the safety of project teams and is required for proper stability in permanent or temporary excavated areas.

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