Pumping system design must consider many factors prior to operation. Matching a pumping solution for a specific project application requires extensive knowledge to ensure a pumping system performs as intended.


Pumping Systems

Simem Underground Solutions, and its decades of experience with long-distance pumping of bi-component grouts, cellular concrete, and hydrated bentonite, and cement slurries designs and assembles complete systems guaranteed to perform.


Systems are prepared for field connection as independent components, skid-mounted, or fully containerized. Applications for use in ,TBM’s, injection grouting, soil mixing, and slurry walls.

Complete Systems

System types incorporate piston, peristaltic, progressive cavity, centrifugal, and air-diaphragm pumps. System come complete with associated power control units, instrumentation, and pipe cleaning assemblies.

Auxiliary Equipment Available

  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • MCC Panel
  • Pump Seal Flush Systems
  • Magflow Meters
  • Pressure Traducers
  • Pipeline “pig” Launchers

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