The high-shear colloidal mill is recognized as the most efficient method of mixing bentonite, cement, fly ash, etc., with water. The intense mixing action results in homogeneous and stable mixes. Colloidally-mixed cementitious products are found to better resist bleed and provide higher compressive strengths than comparable materials prepared in lower energy, paddle-type mixers.


High-Shear Colloidal Mixers

VortiMix is Simem’s new line of advanced high-shear colloidal mixers. The VortiMix can rapidly mix cementitious grouts as low as 0.5:1 water:cement ratio (by weight). When combined with an optional paddle assist, VortiMix can handle grouts as low as 0.45:1 w:c ratio, making the mixer ideal for lightweight cellular concrete applications. Hydrated bentonite can also be rapidly prepared in the VortiMix yielding improved gel strengths and reduced hydration times.


Batch size l (gal)500 (132)1000 (264)2000 (528)
Max. capacity m³(cy)/hr7.5 m3/h (9.8 yd3/h)15 m3/h (19.6 yd3/h)30 m3/h (39.2 yd3/h)
Colloidal MillsOne x 22 kW / 30 hpOne x 30 kW / 40 hpTwo x 30 kW / 40 hp

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